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Automate your institution,keep record,communicate,easly with winer..with winer school management solution now its a simple task to manage your school

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Effective student & staff evaluation

Evaluate your students and staffs performace with our smart evaluatin engine. Find the best student and staff in your institution. Evaluate learning capabilities of each students and help them to perform better. And improve your institution performace. Incident rating, with their achievements and activities. Fast and accurate processing of progress report with graphical data.

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seamless communication

A successful organisation should have better Communication with their parents as well as students in their organisation. Even branding of the organisation depends upon the strength of the communication tools lie with in the organisation.We provide communications technologies like sms,email,website for your institution,mobile application,parent login and much more...

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Comprehensive Fee Management

winer School management software equiped with a seccure,robust and comprehensive fee management system with a complete user restrictions and admin control. It drives on efficiency and reduce costs with effective time saving.Our smart fee management system provides effective Notifications & Reminders to parents about fees. WINER is equipped with all modern digital payment system with proper seccurity and reports.

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Always connected to your school

winer helps you always stay connected to your school from any where,any time. With the support of itOnSky Cloud service,now it is easy to stay connected to your school and can connect to all your multiple institutions at the same time.

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Winer 4.9.0

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